UMass Boston

When There is a Disagreement

If an academic accommodation which has been determined to be appropriate by the Ross Center is challenged by faculty or staff, the accommodation must be provided in a timely manner, pending review as follows:

The faculty member will present to the Director of the Ross Center reasons why the requested accommodation compromises the essential requirements of a course or program.

The Director of the Ross Center will attempt to resolve the issue. If it is determined that the requested accommodation does, in fact, compromise the course or program requirements, alternate types of equivalent accommodations will be discussed. If no equivalent modifications can be determined or if the instructor disagrees with the proposed resolution, relevant information will be presented to the ADA Compliance Officer or Appeals Committee. A decision on the matter will be rendered after careful deliberation and discussion.

The ADA Compliance Officer's or the Appeals Committee's decision may be appealed to the Chancellor. The Chancellor or a designee will then resolve the matter based on the following process. The designee will review the facts of the situation, review how the grievance process was conducted, then render a decision. The Chancellor will respond in writing.

Every effort should be made to resolve the disagreement as expeditiously as possible. In general, each phase of the process should be completed within ten working days. As described above, the accommodation must be provided by the instructor until or unless it is either set aside or modified by the Director of the Ross Center or the ADA Compliance Officer.