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Q. I have a student in class about whom I am concerned due to their behavior, but I think they may also have a disability that they haven’t disclosed. What do I do?

A. We expect all students to follow the Student Code of Conduct. If the student is violating the Code of Conduct, then you should report this to the Dean of Students Office. We encourage faculty to inform all students about various campus resources, including the Center for Academic Excellence, Subject Tutoring, Academic Advising, and the Ross Center, among others. If the student discloses a disability, you are welcome to refer him/her/them to the Ross Center for assistance and/or consultation. We encourage faculty members to contact the Ross Center by phone or email with any questions.

Q: Does the student with a disability have to meet same academic expectations as the other students?

A: Yes, the academic rigor of the course should not be different for any student. A student with a disability may need an accommodation or adjustment in the assessment process or delivery of the material, but the essential academic requirements do not change.

Q: I have a student who has requested an accommodation regarding the class attendance requirement. How do I respond?

A: Any student requesting an academic accommodation due to a disability should register with and provide documentation to the Ross Center. The student should be referred to the Ross Center to determine if an accommodation for flexible attendance is appropriate and reasonable. Questions about absences that are not related to a documented disability should be referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Q: I have a student who verbally asked me for an accommodation but I did not receive a faculty email from the Ross Center. Do I need to require that letter?

A: Yes, the emailed letter is required documentation that the Ross Center has approved the accommodations you are requested to provide. The student does not need to disclose the disability to you or to produce disability documentation for you. However, the student must work with the Ross Center to determine the appropriate and reasonable accommodations permitted.

Q: I teach an online course and do not know how to give the student extra time as an exam accommodation. How do I get that information?

A: You can contact Alternative Testing at the Ross Center who will assist you to provide this accommodation ( or

Q: I am planning to show videos in my class, but they are not captioned. Is this a requirement?

A: Yes, captioned videos are required if you have a student who is deaf or has a hearing loss in your class. The Ross Center is knowledgeable about available captioning resources and can assist you in arranging for captioning. Please contact us at 617-287-7430 or