UMass Boston

Grievance Procedure

Updated September 7, 2021:  The Ross Center understands that there are times when there may be disagreement on a decision regarding accommodations, or problems that may arise during the process of receiving accommodations that have been already determined. If a student wishes to challenge a Ross Center decision of accommodations, or has a complaint about accommodations they are receiving, they should notify the Director of the Ross Center promptly. The Director will evaluate the situation and attempt an informal resolution within 10 business days.

If the Ross Center is unable to resolve the matter, or if the student disagrees with the outcome, a complaint can be raised with the Vice Provost for Academic Support Services (Campus Center, 1st floor), who will evaluate the relevant information pertaining to the incident. The complaint should be filed within 10 business days of receiving the resolution decided by the Director of the Ross Center.  Should there need to be further review, the case could be referred to the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX (Quinn, 3rd floor).

UMass Boston is obligated to make reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.  The University is not, however, obligated to provide accommodations that would fundamentally alter the essential components of a course of study or that are unduly burdensome.  Providing accommodations and ensuring access are never done at the expense of the essential standard applied to all students.  Rather than guaranteeing success, accommodations and access provide opportunity and access to otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.

Every effort should be made to resolve the disagreement as expeditiously as possible. Where practicable, each phase of the process should be completed within ten working days. It is important to note that at any time during the process, a student may choose to contact the Office of Civil Rights (617-223-9662) to seek appropriate advice and/or to file a formal complaint.

Any ADA/504 grievances that are related to employment/job-related issues, physical access, or activities and events on campus should be directed to the Director in the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX.