UMass Boston

Requesting Accommodations

Academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis and may vary based on course design. An interactive process between you (the student), Ross Center staff, and the course instructor specifies the details of the accommodation. You need to request academic accommodations each semester.

Step one: you must initially register with the Ross Center by completing a Registration Request on myRCDS and meet with a Ross Center staff person. Once the registration is complete and your classes for the semester have appeared in your record, you can go online to myRCDS and tailor your requests for each course from your list of available accommodations.

Step two: The Ross Center will send a letter by email to every instructor that outlines the accommodations that have been approved by the Ross Center and that you have requested for that course.

Please note: If you think you may need an accommodation during the semester, we strongly recommend that you request it at the start of the semester. While you may request an accommodation at any time during the semester, the Ross Center cannot guarantee that the accommodation will be implemented if the request is made too late in the semester. This is especially true if the accommodation requires negotiation with the instructor or preparation of materials in advance.

If you are approved for the accommodations of flexible attendance and/or time extensions, additional communication will be sent to you and your faculty.

Requests for an accommodation of a course substitution will be reviewed by a Ross Center staff person, and the process also involves the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Office of the Registrar.

Classroom furniture accommodations/requests should be discussed with a Ross Center staff person, and will require the completion of an additional online request form.

Requests for housing accommodations will be submitted through the UMass Boston Housing website.