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School for Global Inclusion and Social Development

The School for Global Inclusion and Social Development (SGISD) focuses on social justice and economic development from an international perspective. Our emphasis is on groups of people who are excluded from communities here in the U.S. and abroad, due to gender, ethnicity, age, economic status, and other conditions. 

In December 2014, the Boston Globe Magazine listed us as #10 in their article 12 Ideas for Making Boston More Inclusive.

In February 2015, U.S. News and World Report ranked our rehabilitation counseling master's program #1 in New England.

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Would you like to examine inclusion from a variety of academic perspectives?

Want to work in the field of human rights?

Interested in helping people with disabilities lead fulfilling lives?

How about building a career in vision studies, supporting people with blindness and low vision to increase their independence?

Below, Boston's chief resilience officer, Atyia Martin, visited our school to discuss her work in the 100 Resilient Cities initiative. Watch more videos about our school here.