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Computer Labs Info for Faculty

Reserving a Lab for Classroom Use: Reservation Procedures    

Reserving a computer lab for class purposes is quick and easy by using our online booking system. 

Classroom Labs

There are 10 computer labs that faculty and staff can reserve for class purposes.  

Virtual Computing Labs

UMass Boston VLabs (Virtual Computer Labs) allows students, faculty, and staff to access the university's software anytime from anywhere, even from home. You now have access to any tool or application available in an on-campus lab on your laptop, home PC, and even your tablet or smartphone. 

Language Lab Resources

Students and faculty have online access to audio and video materials required for foreign language course courses. The Language Lab website provides useful information about the audio and video collections.

Laptop Cart

The mobile classroom is a transportable cart that consists of 25-30 wireless laptops that can be delivered directly to your classroom for a maximum of four times during the semester.

iPads in the Classroom

One of the many services we (Healey Library & Information Technology/Ed Tech) offer is the iPads in the Classroom service. A service that was initially rolled out in 2014 and successfully used by many faculty in their courses as a way to engage students to enhance teaching and learning.  

Scantron Testing

The Scantron Service is no longer available. For alternative assessment methods, please email

Information Technology Services
Healey Library, 3rd Floor