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All students keep their UMass Boston email account for two years after graduation, at which point it will be deleted. If you graduated and wish to keep receiving email sent to your UMass Boston email address, you may request an alumni forward, which allows you to keep your email address after your account is deleted. Only your address will remain—no email, contacts, etc.—and you will not be able to log in to Blackboard, WISER, OneDrive, Office apps online, or other services. If you need a transcript, you can obtain one without logging in to WISER at the Registrar's Office web site.

Setting up this forwarding address means all information in your email account—all email, contacts, attachments, OneDrive files, etc.—will be permanently deleted. Only the address will remain. Once it is set up, new email messages (and only new incoming messages) sent to your address will be forwarded to the address you specify. Existing messages will not be forwarded and will be deleted. Processing this request may take a few days, so make sure you do not miss anything by setting up a forward on your account before beginning.

If you have data you want to keep, be sure to follow our instructions for migrating your UMass Boston email, etc., to another provider before proceeding. Do not request an alumni forward until you are certain you have saved, printed, forwarded, or otherwise backed up anything from your UMass Boston email account you want to keep!

To request an alumni forward, send an email (from your UMass Boston email address, if possible) to with the following information:

  1. Your UMass Boston email address
  2. Your UMS (student ID) number if possible
  3. Your date of graduation (approximate)
  4. The email address you want your mail forwarded to (double check this address for typos!) It's best if you set a forward on your account yourself first and test it, then request that we use that address.
  5. Your agreement and understanding that setting up the forward will permanently erase all data stored with your email account and that you will lose the ability to log in to the UMass Boston email system, WISER, Blackboard, and all other UMass Boston systems.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (617) 287-5220 for more information.


You do not need your UMass Boston account to request a transcript. If you need a transcript and no longer have access to WISER, you can you can obtain one electronically via the Registrar's Office web site. You cannot request a transcript by email or over the phone.

Migrate your email from UMass Boston to another provider

The process for migrating your mail is rather simple but may be time consuming. Any IMAP capable email program (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) should work.

Use Apple Mail on your Mac

Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Set up your personal account (Gmail,, iCloud, etc.) in your mail program as an IMAP connection or, in the case of, an Exchange connection. (POP may also work but may not.) You can find the instructions for this at your provider’s we site. Settings for common providers, including Office 365, can be found here:

POP and IMAP email settings for Outlook

2. Set up your UMass Boston account as a second account in the same program as an IMAP connection. (Exchange/Office 365 should also work.) Depending on how much mail you have this, could take a while to sync. Wait until this is complete before proceeding.

3. Create a folder (or folders) on your personal account to receive your UMass Boston mail messages. (You could simply drop them all into the Inbox, but it would be hard to separate them later if something goes wrong.)

4. In your UMass Boston inbox, select all the messages and drag them to the folder you want in your personal account. (You should do this somewhere you have a fast, stable internet connection, as it could take a long time, depending on how much mail you have.) Repeat with any other folders you have in your UMass Boston account.

5. If you have documents in your UMass Boston OneDrive, either download them (all at once or in batches), or set up OneDrive Sync and let them all sync to a folder on your computer. You can upload these to your Dropbox, Google Drive, personal OneDrive (, etc., later.

Setting up OneDrive Sync

Office 365: Sync with OneDrive

6. To download a copy of your contacts, click the People icon on the lower left, then, on the Contacts page, click Manage in the upper right hand corner. See Export contacts from to a CSV file for details.

7. Once all documents and contacts are downloaded and all messages are copied, check for anything else you might want, like calendar items. These are not as easy to archive (download) and require the Microsoft Outlook program to do so. (If you do not have a computer that can run Outlook, you could use CloudPC to do this step, but your access to CloudPC will go away as soon as your account is disabled, so don't use it to store any data! Anything you save in CloudPC is in your OneDrive, so be certain to download it to your computer immediately.)

There are some Microsoft Flow templates that might work for you:

Copy specific category of appointments from Office 365 to Google Calendar

Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts

Alternatively, you could just copy and paste the contact and calendar information into email messages to yourself that you can later turn back into contacts or calendar items in Gmail,, iCloud, etc.


Download Thunderbird:

Set up both UMass Boston and Gmail as IMAP connections.

UMass Boston settings:

Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: TLS

Gmail settings:

Server name:
Port: 993
Requires SSL: Yes

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