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A degree in Physics provides a strong skillset for a variety of careers in STEM and beyond. A list of Massachusetts employers who recently hired new physics bachelor recipients can be found here

Major employers of entry level Physics majors include

  • NASA
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Defense contractors such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing
  • National Laboratories 
  • Healthcare Industry 
  • Technology Industry


ACES Careers in Physics PowerPoint

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Example Career Trajectories for Physicists 

Science Journalism
In order to communicate effectively the latest breakthroughs in science to the public, you must understand the science behind the discoveries. With a major in physics you are well-placed for a career in science journalism. For further information see the National Association of Science Writers.

Patent Law
Patent attorneys require a background in one or more physical sciences, and a thus a degree in physics is excellent preparation for a graduate program in patent law. 

Software Engineering for Science Applications
Examples of this are companies that develop software tools for scientists, such as MathWorks, and government agencies who use mathematical modeling to analyze real-world problems, such as the EPA.

Science teachers, especially those with physics backgrounds, are in high demand both here and in U.S. schools abroad. For further information, see the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Quantitative Finance
Wall Street banks and other financial institutions require sophisticated mathematical modeling to price financial derivatives and assess credit risk. For further information see, for example, the graduate program in mathematical finance at Boston University, or contact a financial institution such as State Street.