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Equipment Reservation

Faculty, staff, and students may use equipment or access services without prior reservations during normal working hours. Requests for equipment and services are subject to availability. Items such as LCD Data Projectors are in high demand and are typically difficult to borrow without prior reservations. Whenever possible we recommend advance reservations for all equipment and service requests.

All equipment is for on-campus use only. Equipment is loaned for a class or event period and returned immediately after use. You must pick up and return equipment from our distribution locations (AV Offices) on campus. Overnight loans require an overnight form and AV Services approval of a secure storage space on campus.

Portable LCD Data/Computer projection systems are in high demand and consequently there are restrictions on reserving this equipment. Faculty teaching regularly scheduled classes will have preference over any other uses. Students may only reserve the projection systems for use in a regularly scheduled class. The signature of the faculty member instructing the class is required.

The 261 Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC's), Conference Rooms, Labs, and Auditoriums are scheduled through the normal classroom scheduling process. AV Services does not schedule access to these rooms, but does provide technical support for the installed multimedia equipment. If you are utilizing our Technology Classrooms, we strongly recommend you attend an orientation to familiarize yourself with the operation of our TEC's. Orientation workshops are set up at the beginning of each semester or at request.

Please make note that all equipment loans require a valid UMass Boston ID.

To reserve any equipment please contact or visit:

McCormack AV Office M02-0112 617-287-5965
Wheatley AV Office W01-0039 617-287-5966
UH AV Office Y01-1032A 617-287-7191

AV Office Equipment Loan Policy

1. All Equipment Loans are for “On Campus” use only.

2. Anyone reserving AV Equipment must present a UMass Boston Picture ID or some other Valid Picture ID and complete an equipment reservation form.

3. Laptops, Adapters and LCD Projection Equipment Loans are limited to Faculty and Teaching Assistants and are intended to be utilized for Classroom Teaching Support.

4. All Loaned Equipment must be picked up in the AV Office and promptly returned at the conclusion of the class or special event.

5. Overnight Equipment Loans require prior Approval by the Manager of Classroom Technology and AV Services.

6. Students May Only Borrow Video Cameras, MP-3 Recorders and Boom boxes.

7. Requests for equipment and services are subject to availability

Classroom Technology and AV Services
Healey Library, Lower Level