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Zoom Accessibility

It's important that our technology tools work for all who need them. Here are some ideas on how to make your Zoom meetings accessible.

☑ Send Your Presentation Materials Ahead of Time

Are you presenting slides, documents, or websites with screen sharing? Meeting participants with low vision may rely on screen reader software which reads the text out loud, but these tools can't see into a screen share window. If you send your accessible presentation materials or links ahead of time by email, then all of your participants can follow along during the presentation and have the materials to review later.

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☑ Make Sure your Narration is Descriptive

As you present, consider how your participants might have trouble with how you describe what you’re showing. For example, saying "click here" isn't as descriptive as saying "click the Submit button". The latter is more useful for a participant who is blind, but also for a participant who might be writing notes at the time or is dealing with some other interruption.

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☑ Make Sure your Mic Sounds Good

All meeting participants rely on hearing your voice clearly, but it's hard for you to know how well your voice is being transmitted to your meeting participants. Zoom has useful tools to test your microphone before your session begins.

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☑ Enable Live Transcription

Zoom now supports Live Transcription during your Zoom meetings. 

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