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Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund

The Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund, Inc., which has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, was founded in 1939 by Nadia Boulanger with two aims: to keep alive the memory and the music of her sister, the distinguished composer Lili Boulanger (1893-1918), and to aid composers and other musicians of exceptional talent and promise. For many years the fund operated with the assistance of its advisory board, whose members were Yehudi Menuhin, Nicolas Nabokov, and Alexei Haieff.

Nadia Boulanger died on October 22, 1979. Since that time the Board of Trustees, in order to carry out her intentions, has adopted new guidelines for awarding the annual prize. Each year a group of distinguished musicians is invited to nominate one candidate each for the prize. For the 2018 award, the nominators were Alexander Korsantia, Émile Naoumoff, and András Schiff.

In accordance with the wishes of its founder, the Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund does not seek or accept applications for its annual competition. Nominators for the award are selected each year by the Board of Trustees.

Current Winner

The nominators for the 2018 composition competition were Alexander Korsantia, Émile Naoumoff, and András Schiff.

Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula, born 1991, is a Swiss pianist and composer who studied classical languages at the Maturité Fédérale in Lausanne and at the conservatories there and in Geneva before going to London for further training at the Guildhall School.  He won first prize “with distinction” three times, in 2003, 2005, and 2009, at the Swiss Youth Music Competition, and another first prize, also with distinction, in composition at the National Competition of Orléans in 2007.  His compositions have been played by the Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse, the Swiss Chamber Soloists, the Camerata Bern, the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, and the Ensemble Séquence; he has also composed and improvised for silent films, and won an award in 2010 at the Swiss film music competition “The Score.”  He also won a first prize at the Edvard Grieg International Composer Competition in Oslo in 2012, another at the Lausanne Concours d’Interprétation Musicale in 2013, and the 2016 Premi de Musica de Cambra Montserrat Alavedra in Spain.  He has played all over Europe and also in the United States, but currently resides in Germany, where he is a student of Sir András Schiff at the Performance Programme for Young Pianists at the Kronberg Academy.  He maintains a website at

Past Winners

Alexei Haieff U.S.A. 1942
Robert Crane U.S.A. 1943
Jean Papineau-Couture Canada 1943
Michal Spisak Poland 1944, 1946
Antoni Szalkowski Poland 1944, 1946
Leo Preger France 1945, 1949
Paul DesMarais U.S.A. 1947, 1948
Claudio Santoro Brazil 1948
Karel Husa Czechoslovakia 1949
Ned Rorem U.S.A. 1950
Jean-Michel Dufay France 1951
Thea Musgrave Scotland 1952
Noël Lee U.S.A. 1953
Idil Biret Turkey 1954, 1964
Easley Blackwood U.S.A. 1955
Claudio Spies U.S.A. 1956
Vanraj Bhatia India 1957
Per Norgaard Denmark 1957
Bruno Gillet France 1958
J. Nicholas Maw England 1959
Wojciech Kilar Poland 1960
Charles Wuorinen U.S.A. 1961, 1962
Edwin Roxburgh England 1962
Paul Seiko Chihara U.S.A. 1963
Alexandru Hrisanide Rumania 1965
Robert Levin U.S.A. 1966, 1971
Yung Shen U.S.A. 1966
Gianpolo Bracali Italy 1967
Christopher Bochmann England 1968
Zygmunt Mycielski England 1969
Hugh Robertson U.S.A. 1970
James S. Harrison U.S.A. 1971
Jose Almeida Prado Brazil 1972, 1973
Stefan Kozinski U.S.A. 1974
Robert Xavier Rodriguez U.S.A. 1975
Donald Grantham U.S.A. 1976
Michael Blum U.S.A. 1977
Frederick Blum U.S.A. 1977
Grant Chorley Canada 1978
Stephen Schmidt U.S.A. 1978
Richard Boulanger Canada 1979
Jay Gottlieb U.S.A. 1979
James Wood England 1980
Peter Dickson Lopez U.S.A. 1981
Myung-Sook Yoo Korea 1982
John B. Weeks England 1983
Rod Gilfry U.S.A. 1984
George Benjamin England 1985
Tatiana Dimitriades U.S.A. 1987
Kamran Ince U.S.A. 1988
Christoph Bossert Germany 1989
Christian Ofenbauer Austria 1990
Katherine Chi Canada 1991
Vladimir Nikolayev Russia 1992
Dan Warburton England 1992
Edmund Campion U.S.A. 1993
Linc Smelser U.S.A. 1994
Sebastian Currier U.S.A. 1995
Roderick Williams England 1996
Michael Adcock U.S.A. 1998
Gisle Kverndokk Norway 1999
Neil Cockburn England 2000
Laurent Martin France 2001
Lior Navok Israel / U.S.A. 2002
Ayano Ninomiya U.S.A. 2003
Aaron Travers U.S.A. 2004
Sebastien Koch U.S.A. 2005
Derek Bermel U.S.A. 2006
Robert Gardner U.S.A. 2007
David Bruce England / U.S.A. 2008
Chelsea Chen U.S.A. 2009
Helen Grime England 2010
Michael Brown U.S.A. 2011
Kate Soper U.S.A. 2012
Charlotte Bray England 2014
Andy Akiho U.S.A. 2015
Ari Isaacman-Beck   U.S.A 2016
Matthew Ricketts  Canada 2017
Tom Coult  England 2017
Jean-Sèlim Abdelmoula    2018

Judges & Board of Trustees

Board of Judges
Alan Feinberg
John Harbison
John McDonald
Yehudi Wyner
Mark DeVoto, President
David N. Patterson, Executive Secretary
Julie Alix, Treasurer
Laurence D. Berman
Martin Brody
Joel Cohen
Dorothy Crawford
John W. Ehrlich
Charles Fisk
Charles Fussell
Robert Gartside
Steven Ledbetter
Robert D. Levin
Timothy McFarland
Marjorie Merryman
John M. Norton
Sally Pinkas
Judith Ross
Lois Shapiro
Daniel Stepner
Syrl Silberman
Will Tenney

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