Roger Feinstein Memorial Scholarship

The Political Science Department is pleased to announce the Roger Feinstein Memorial Scholarship for First-Generation College Students.

Amount; Awarded When:  Two scholarships of at least N/A will be awarded early-to-mid April for payment of tuition/fees in Fall 2016.  (If matching funds come through in time, there will be two scholarships of $7,500 each.)


How to Access the Scholarship Information and Application Form(s):  Students can access them by typing in "AcademicWorks" in the search space on the UMass Boston website.  Numerous scholarship opportunities come up and are organized alphabetically.


Scholarship's Purpose:  To provide financial support to first-generation college students who are academically meritorious and who plan to use their education (and/or an advanced degree program)  to help grapple with serious problems in the U.S.  The donor's main interest, at this point, is in supporting CLA students.  The most recent winners have been majors (and/or minors) in Sociology, Anthropology, English, and Philosophy!


What's Entailed in Applying:  Students complete the application online:  complete an application form, write a 2-page (double-spaced) application essay, and provide the most recent unofficial UMass Boston transcript - and any official transcripts from previously attended colleges or universities.


Application Deadline:  TBA (the Wed. after Spring Break).

Any Questions?  Contact Elizabeth Bussiere:

Thanks very much, Elizabeth, Pol. Sci. Dept. (the donor is a Pol. Sci. alum.)