UMass Boston

Faculty & Staff

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Joseph M. Brown, Associate Professor and MAIR Graduate Program Director
Expertise: International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Non-State Actors, Signaling, Research Methods

Elizabeth Bussiere, Associate Professor
Expertise: American politics, Law and the Courts, Welfare Policy, and The Jury System

Leila Farsakh, Associate Professor
Expertise: Middle East Politics, Comparative Politics, Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Andrés Fabián Henao Castro, Associate Professor
Expertise: Ancient and contemporary political theory, decolonial theory, critical theory, feminist theory, psychoanalysis, critical philosophy of race, poststructuralism, settler colonial critique

Luis F. Jiménez, Associate Professor
Expertise: Latin American politics, Mexican politics, immigration politics, Latino politics

Shuai Jin, Assistant Professor
Expertise: Comparative Politics, Economic Inequality and Redistribution, Chinese Politics, Public Opinion, Quantitative Methods

Travis Johnston, Assistant Professor
Expertise: American Politics, Legislative Institutions, Policy Policy, Political Behavior, and Research Methods

Michelle Jurkovich, Assistant Professor
Expertise: Food security, economic and social rights, ethics, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations

Paul Kowert, Chair and Associate Professor
Expertise: International relations theory, U.S.-Japan relations, foreign policy analysis, political psychology, research design

Erin O’Brien, Associate Professor
Expertise: Public Policy; Politics of Poverty and U.S. Social Welfare Policy; Stratification, Politics, and Policy; Political Behavior; Urban Politics; Research Methods and Epistemology; American Politics

C. Heike Schotten, Professor and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Expertise: Political theory: ancient, modern, and contemporary political thought; Nietzsche studies Critical theory: queer theory and politics, biopolitics, feminist political theory, feminist and gender theory, radical/revolutionary political theory, Islamophobia and the War on Terror

Paul Watanabe, Professor and Director of the Institute for Asian American Studies
Expertise: American Foreign Policy, American Political Behavior, Ethnic Group Politics, and Asian Americans

Lecturers and Visitors

Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II

Jerome Klassen, Lecturer 
Expertise: International relations, political economy, U.S. grand strategy, Canadian foreign policy, development economics, corporate network analysis, social movements

Ursula Tafe, Senior Lecturer
Expertise: International Organization, Democratic Peace Theory