Political Science, BA

The major and minor in Political Science offers the opportunity to explore many different dimensions of political life, ranging from small groups and citizens' organizations, to cities, individual nations, and global systems. The study of politics includes not only basic information about government and political process, but also explores broad issues of power, conflict, peace, citizenship, representation, and justice.

Requirements for the Political Science Major

Majors are required to complete a total of eleven courses, distributed as follows:

  • Two introductory courses: PolSci 102 (required for all majors and minors) AND either PolSci 101 OR PolSci 103;
  • One course in American politics;
  • One course in international relations;
  • Two courses in comparative politics;
  • One course in political theory, which must be 251 OR 252
  • Four additional courses in any area (electives).

At least five of these courses must be at or above the 300 level.

Two courses from another field may, with the approval of an advisor, be counted toward the four required electives if a student fulfills the requirements for a major, minor, or concentration in the second field.

No more than three courses in internships, independent study, or honors work may be counted toward these requirements.

Transfer students must complete a minimum of four political science courses above the 100 level at UMass Boston.

Only one of the eleven courses used to meet the Major requirements can be taken pass/fail.

Distribution categories are indicated on the Major Requirements Worksheet and are indicated in the University Catalog.