Political Science (Minor)

Majors in other fields who wish to complete a minor in Political Science are required to complete six courses.

Requirements for the Political Science Minor

  • Two introductory courses: PoliSci 102 AND either Political Science 101 or 103;
  • Four other Political Science courses, two of which must be at or above the 300 level;

The Minor Requirements Worksheet may assist students in tracking their progress.

At least three of the six courses must be taken at UMass Boston.

The department also offers a Minor in Public Policy and a Minor in International Relations.

Note on the PASS/FAIL Option:

Political Science minors may use the pass/fail option for no more than one departmental distribution requirement or elective. Students who declared the minor prior to September 1, 2002 may count more than one pass/fail course toward the minor if taken prior to that date. Those considering taking a Political Science course pass/fail should first consult their advisors.