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Full text for theses is available through the institutional repository.

Selected Applied Linguistics Theses (2000-2021)

Meaning-Making Dynamics of Job Interview Performances  - by Jacquelyn K. Bertman (Advisor: Dr. Christian W. Chun)

Computerized Dynamic Assessment of Grammar in Second Language Development - by Tina S. Randall (Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Urbanski)

Limited Viewpoints: The Implementation of Multimodal Constructs in an ELL Model Curriculum Unit - by Debora A. Smith (Advisor: Dr. Jaran Shin)

Adult Educators at the Crossroads of Language Learning and Workforce Development: A Qualitative Study of Teacher Agency - by Liz Ging (Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Urbanski)

Language Learning and ADA: An Observation of d/Deaf Adults and Their Interpreters in ESL Classrooms - by Katherine M. Ward (Advisor: Dr. Avary Carhill-Poza)

Languaging at Work: The Language Socialization of Support Staff in the Healthcare Workforce - by Kristen E. Schlapp (Advisor: Dr. Panayota Gounari)

Performing Language and Identities: Adult Immigrant Students and the Creation of a Play  - by Kathleen R. McGovern (Advisor: Dr. Avary Carhill-Poza)

Discourses and Capital in Court Trials: Representation of Witness Accounts and Identity - by Misty Crooks (Advisor: Dr. Avary Carhill-Poza)

What's in a Game? Identity Negotiations and Pedagogical Implications of Gameplay Discourse - by Caleb Reed (Advisor: Dr. Avary Carhill-Poza)

Their Decision to Wear Al Hijab: The Stories of U.S. Northeastern Muslim Women - by Hadeel Salman (Advisor: Dr. Lilia Bartolome)

Meanings and Typologies of Duboisian Double Consciousness within 20th Century United States Racial Dynamics - by Marc E. Black (Advisor: Dr. Lilia Bartolome)

Effective teaching of culturally diverse students - by Orlando L. Carreón. (Advisor: Dr. Lilia Bartolome)

The parallel architecture for first language literacy development and second language acquisition studies: Prospective theories and applications - by Darrell J. Penta. (Advisor: Dr. Charles Meyer)

Categorical Desires: The sexual ideology of personal ads - by Michael Ryall. (Advisor Dr. Pepi Leistyna)

Discourse Analysis of Intelligent Design -  by David A. Tedone. (Advisor: Dr. Candace Mitchell)

Deixis and Dementia: Theatricality, speech act, and the Alzheimer’s subject - by Anne F. Fleche. (Advisor: Dr. Charles Meyer)

Bringing Gender to the Table: Language, Gender and Power in seven lesbian families - by Sarah N. Wagner. (Advisor: Dr. Lilia Bartolome)

Dialect change in a southern hemisphere variety of English: The Anglo-Argentine case - by Julian Jefferies. (Advisor: Dr. Charles Meyer)

Colombia and the politics of representation - by Libardo Rueda. (Advisor Dr. Pepi Leistyna)

Linguistic and Pedagogical Implication of Learners’ L1 Influence in their SLA: A comparative study of L2 Learners of English with articled European and unarticled Asian Language backgrounds based on the analysis of their article errors  - by Hungyul Thomas Han - (Advisor: Dr. George W. Smith)

First Language Instruction: A vehicle of educational excellence or a mechanism for separate and unequal education A case of South Africa, 1822-1936 - by Catherine Ann Folley (Advisor Dr. Pepi Leistyna)

Faculty Research 

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Avary Carhill Poza, PhD

Christian W. Chun, PhD

Panagiota Gounari, PhD

Kimberly Urbanski, PhD

Jennifer Sclafani, PhD

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