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Minoring in Latino Studies

How do I make Latino Studies part off my UMass Boston experience?

  • A minor in Latino Studies complements any field of study by giving students an additional area of expertise. You are able to choose from courses throughout the university, many of which fulfill University Gen Ed and distribution requirements.

Requirements for the Minor

  • Minoring in Latino Studies requires 6 courses (18 credits): (3) required courses and (3) electives chosen by the student in consultation with the Latino Studies faculty advisor. In addition to the electives listed in the curriculum, students are encouraged to propose other relevant courses to be approved for their program of study.

Why Should I Minor in Latino Studies?

Students who minor in Latino Studies develop a complex understanding of race and racialization in the United States and the ways Latinas/os/xs forge their cultural, political, diasporic, and economic identities. Each student who minors in Latino Studies receives personalized advising that takes into consideration their academic goals, personal aspirations, and professional development.   

Students are required to take (3) required courses and (3) electives. In addition to courses listed as part of the program, students may request that an alternate course fulfill an elective. This flexibility allows students to design a minor in Latino Studies that compliments their major and professional goals.  

Students interested in minoring in Latino Studies or enrolling in individual courses should email  

Student Success Initiatives

The Latino Studies Program and the Gastón Institute have partnered with various areas of the University to support the academic success of Latinx students. Programming includes workshops on various aspects of academic life such as preparing for the Writing Proficiency portfolio, supporting the transition to UMass Boston for transfer students, and mentoring students as you decide on your major and fulfill university requirements.  

In summer 2020 Director of CLA Advising Ana Frega, Academic Advisor and Latino Studies Steering Committee member Albis Mejía, and Professor Reyes Coll-Tellechea received funding from the Gastón Institute to develop a series of webinars for Latinx students on academic matters, financial matters, and social and emotional health. Recorded in Spanish with English subtitles, each webinar lasts approximately 25 minutes and includes student testimonials.  

The videos are available on the UMass Boston YouTube channel


Giving to UMass Boston

Support the creation of new knowledge in Latino Studies and its benefit to Latino communities in greater Boston and New England.