Physics Research Areas

The Department of Physics at UMass Boston and its collaborators lead both theoretical and experimental research across a variety of fields with a unifying focus on nonequilibrium processes. Two main strengths of the department are biophysics and quantum sciences. Providing  an exciting, collaborative atmosphere, the department  offers excellent opportunities to undertake cutting-edge research for PhD students, postdocs and visitors alike.

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
del Campo, Dunjko, Mollow, Olshanii, Sundaram, Tonyushkin

Experimental Biophysics
Celli, Rao, Tonyushkin, Yelleswarapu

Theoretical Biophysics

Computational Physics
Jacobs, Sundaram

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
del Campo, Hamma

Mathematical Physics
del Campo, Hamma, Fuchs, Kulkarni,
Olshanii, Sundaram

Quantum Physics and Information Sciences
del Campo, Dunjko, Fuchs, Hamma, Jacobs, Mollow, Olshanii, Sundaram, Tonyushkin

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