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Mobile Device Carrier Information

iPhones and other smartphones are advanced handheld communications devices. iPhones and other smartphones provide access to your UMass Boston email, calendar, contacts, and more.

  • If you need an iPhone for a short period of time, telecommunications can loan out one to your department. If you device breaks, get stolen, or lost we can also loan out one until you are eligible for an upgrade if available. Your department will be responsible for any charges that are accrued while using the device. 
  • All existing phone numbers are transferable no matter the carrier. If the department is paying for the unit and the user would like to keep their number, user needs to contact the carrier to release number. Once the number is released, Telecommunications will contact the carrier with information provided to accept responsibility of the number.

For details please call 7-5252

In order to get support on your mobile device call the IT Service Desk at 7-5220 or email at, a ticket will be created and assigned to the proper group.

Personal Mobile Device Discounts

Mobile Device - Ordering Information

Steps for getting an iPhone or other smartphone device

For device information and models please select your carrier of choice:

​Someone with a budget signing authority submits Mobile Device Request Form to order the device and accessories by clicking here .Telecom will place order once the order form is received via email, devices usually arrive between 3 to 5 business days. Note, If the user currently has a cellular device and would like to have their number ported over to UMass Boston, Telecommunications will place the order once the number has been released by the user. The user is then contacted by the Office of Telecommunications to inform them the device is ready to be delivered/picked up and activated.

When ready to transfer your data to a new iPhone, use this link on how to transfer all your data to a new iPhone. Apple Restore Data 

Mobile devices while traveling abroad

When traveling outside the United States is important to inform Telecommunications, which then applies the proper international plans while traveling abroad. The reason we need to be notified is to make sure your device is compatible while traveling outside the US. If Telecommunication is not informed, the user will accrue roaming charges which will not be credited back to their account. Below is a link to what each carrier charges while traveling outside the US. For those using AT&T and Verizon, click International Day Pass below to see how the day pass applies to you. T-Mobile users, this link does not apply to you, but it is still important to verify and make sure you have coverage.

Mobile Device Policy & Procedures

The Telecommunications Department at UMass Boston provides cell phones to faculty and staff as required for work when approved by the department head. The costs associated with these devices will be paid for by encumbrances in the Telecommunications Department; and then the costs—both monthly fixed and usage charges—of each device will be re-charged to the appropriate budget number provided by the department head when the request is made via . All charges related to mobile purchases will reflect on the account that was provided at the time of the order. We use the State Contract when applicable to assist us in choosing our service providers.  

Download Smart Phones, Cell Phones and Pagers – Policies and Procedures