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New MX-ONE Voice Mail - Feature Instructions

Mailbox Setup: Initializing your voice mailbox for the first time

When accessing your mailbox for the FIRST TIME, you need to initialize by dialing the information below. If you've DONE the setup already and need to access your mailbox just dial 7-4700 and enter your personal password.

  • From your telephone: Dial 7-4700.
  • Enter the temporary security code (5) 00000. The tutorial will begin.
  • You'll hear, "As a new subscriber you need to record your audio name. Press 2 to start recording and to stop recording press 2. To save press 5, to review press 6, to discard press 4 and record.
  • If satisfied, you will hear, "now you will record your personal greeting. To start recording press 2 to stop recording press 2."
  • You'll hear a recording of your greeting*. If you would like to discard and re-record your personal greeting, press 4. If you are satisfied, press 5."
  • If satisfied, you will hear, "Thank you. Your mailbox is ready. You will now be transferred to the Main Menu."  You can hang up after recording your audio name and greeting.
  • If you stay on the line, you'll hear the Main Menu options.

Download the MX-One Quick reference guide to help you navigate through your voicemail

Voicemail and Mitel Contact Center Applications

There are many voicemail applications on the UMass Boston campus. You have probably encountered them when calling academic departments, campus services, or administrative offices. Within our voicemail systems, we can create a menu tree with phone options that you the client would like to see played back when outside callers are trying to reach your department.

MiContact Center

With MiContact Center any enterprise can improve their customer service through complete, up-to-date information about their staff instantly at hand, and quick response to customer requests. MiCC allows the user to successfully manage the customer experience center with real-time dashboards, historical reports, and business analytics.

The powerful suite of management tools in the MiContact Center solution provides continuous, detailed insights into the contact-center activity without adding complexity. The reporting, real-time viewing, networking, and configuration capabilities enable you to compare the use of different resources and analyze queue performance metrics and overall contact-center efficiency.

For more information or to schedule an application design meeting, please contact telecommunications via email below.

Retrieving Voicemail Messages 

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (On-Campus)

  • From on-campus, Dial 7-4700
  • System will ask you for your 5 digit extension (7-XXXX)
  • If calling from your phone, you will be directed immediately to your voicemail box
  • System will prompt you for your password/security code

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (Off-Campus)

  • Dial 617.287.4700
  • Hear the "system greeting"
  • Press #
  • Enter your mailbox number
  • Enter your security code
  • Continue with the prompts for the feature desired

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (From another phone on campus)

  • Dial 7-4700
  • Press *
  • Press #
  • System will ask for your 5 digit extension (7-XXXX)
  • System will ask for your password/security code.

To have your voicemail forwarded to your UMB email please contact the IT Service Desk. 

Reset password send email to

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my MWI light from blinking?
To clear the MWI light, press #56#

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