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Be smart about planning your time in the College of Science and Mathematics. Know your requirements, know your advisors, and know your strengths and areas of weakness. Then if you’re struggling, you’ll know how to get the help you need. By developing relationships with your advisors, you will be connected to opportunities and resources to improve your experience within the classroom and beyond.

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CSM Advising Explained

What's Your Plan?

The Student Success Center has four-year curriculum plans for all CSM majors to help you plan your path to graduation.  Whether you’re starting fresh or as a transfer student, you can see where you should start, the order in which the department wants you to take your major classes, and how to finish in four years if that is your goal.

Need a Plan?

If you’re undecided about your major or your future, we strongly encourage you to work with the University Advising Center and Career Services. It’s important to regularly assess whether your strengths are a good match for your interests and goals. Career Services has a tool designed to help you:


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