Four-Year Plans

The College of Science and Mathematics has collaborated with each department to create Four-Year Plans that reflect the suggested progression of courses for CSM majors. These plans will help you stay on track to complete graduation requirements in a timely and efficient manner, show you the necessary order to take major courses so that pre-requisites are met for higher level classes, and encourage you to take classes that complement each other at the same time. The plans also reflect general UMass Boston degree requirements, which you can read more about here.

To view available Four-Year Plans, choose your degree and major from the list to the right, then select the plan that fits you. We have plans for students in the Freshman Success Community (FSC) Program as well as transfers and non-FSC students. A version of each plan has also been created for students in the Honors College.

Please note that we strongly encourage students to follow these plans. They provide a framework for understanding and completing degree requirements to graduate in 4 years, but do not guarantee graduation. Every student is an individual, and the Student Success Center is happy to work with every student to craft a specific plan. Since every student is an individual, your Student Success Advisor is happy to work with you to develop a personalized plan for graduation.

If you have any further questions regarding requirements for your degree, please contact the Student Success Center or your major department.