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Waivers, Appeals, and Forms

Please note that WPE portfolios are submitted electronically.  Any forms required in portfolios will be made available to registered students and will be electronically completed.

WPE Waiver Form

For most students who have already earned a bachelor's degree (second-degree students), the Writing Proficiency Requirement is waived automatically.  If the requirement does not appear in your degree audit, it has been waived. 

If you are a second-degree student and the writing proficiency requirement appears in your degree audit, please proceed as below:

  1. Find out if the institution that granted you your previous degree is accredited at the Council of Higher Education Accreditation's database (scroll down to agree to its terms and conditions).  If your university is accredited, contact the Registrar to correct your degree audit.
  2. If your institution is not accredited, complete and submit a WPE Waiver Form to  

EWRAP Appeals Process

After meeting with a retake counselor, a student may schedule a meeting with the Associate Director, who will review the portfolio and either have it re-graded or uphold the original result.

WPE Revise/Appeal Process

After meeting with a retake counselor, the student may submit a revised challenge essay within one week of that meeting.  See here for a detailed description of this process.