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ESL Licensure

Are you interested in teaching English Learners?  You can earn your Initial Licensure to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) while completing your Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics. You will work with a dedicated advisor and teaching specialist to complete coursework, pre-practicum, and practicum in ESL PK-6 (preschool through grade 6) or ESL 5-12 (grade 5 through grade 12). Graduates with ESL initial licensure are eligible to teach ESL in PK-12 public schools in Massachusetts and all other states through licensure reciprocity. Our program works with pre-service and in-service teachers to provide a reflective and practical background that prepares you for a variety of classrooms–ESL, pull-out and push-in instruction, Sheltered (SEI), bilingual, and co-taught.  Pre-service teachers who pursue ESL licensure will complete a pre-practicum and practicum in a public school with one of our Boston area partner districts while in-service teachers can work with a mentor in their own classroom to complete pre-practicum and practicum. Seeking ESL licensure is restricted to on-campus students. 

If you are interested in ESL Licensure, feel free to get in touch - even before you apply!:

  • Set up a meeting to learn more about our ESL licensure program and discuss pre/practicum options with the ESL Licensure Coordinator, Dr. Chris Montecillo Leider.
  • We have application fee waivers available for applicants who are planning to seek ESL licensure and teach English Learners in a PK-12 setting upon graduation! Reach out to the ESL Licensure Coordinator to learn more about this option.
  • Interested in becoming a teacher but concerned about the financial pathway toward earning your degree and license? Learn more about the federal TEACH Grant Program! 

Are you already a matriculating student in the Applied Linguistics program and interested in adding ESL Licensure to your program of study? 

All students interested in pursuing ESL Licensure should complete the following early in their program of study: 

  • Map out your plan of study with your academic advisor
  • Set up a meeting to discuss pre/practicum options with the ESL Licensure Coordinator, Dr. Chris Montecillo Leider.

Are you also interested in teaching in a bilingual education setting?

With two additional courses and 75 additional hours of fieldwork, you can also obtain a Massachusetts bilingual education endorsement through our Dual Language Certificate program!  


Foreign Language Licensure - French

Students completing a Master’s Degree in the Department of Applied Linguistics have the option to complete the requirements for the French as a Foreign Language Teaching License 5-12.  Licensure services are a courtesy offered only to matriculated Applied Linguistics students.  Online students please note that licensure services are not available to our online students.

Students wishing to pursue licensure from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in French as a foreign language should choose a concentration in Foreign Language Pedagogy and complete the following courses when selecting electives. Students will complete six additional credits of coursework beyond the requirements for the degree.

  • APLING 697 - Special Topics in Applied Linguistics 1-6 Credit(s) Topic: French Applied Linguistics
  • APLING 698 - Practicum/Field Experience 3-6 Credit(s)
  • Three of the following:

    • FRENCH 464 - Roman Du 20e Siecle 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 465 - 20th Century French Theater 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 305 - 20th/21st Century French and Francophone Literature 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 490 - Special Topics 3 Credit(s) Topic: France/Maghreb
    • FRENCH 307 - French and Francophone Popular Culture 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 480 - Images of Otherness in French and Francophone Literature 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 304 - French Conversation 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 306L - Introduction to French Cinema (in French) 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 301 - Composition et stylistique 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 411 - Theme et version 3 Credit(s)

Students interested in French Licensure should contact Dr. Corinne Etienne.