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Sociology department resources

Academic Program Resources

Would you like to join our department as a graduate student studying Sociology or Applied Sociology? Please check out our graduate resource page for important information.

Would you like to join our department as an undergraduate student studying Sociology or Criminology & Criminal Justice? Please check out our undergraduate resource page for important information.

Current graduate students can find academic and career resources on SharePoint, while declared undergraduates can find important info on Blackboard, in the Sociology students class and/or the Criminology & Criminal Justice students class.

Academic Support Programs

The University Writing Center provides free services for undergraduate and graduate students to support their academic and professional writing at any stage of the writing process. They offer individual writing consultations in person and online, and facilitate writing groups and writing retreats.

The Center for Academic Excellence's Subject Tutoring Program brings quality content-based (what to learn) and process-based (how to learn) academic support to all UMass Boston students in a variety of convenient and accessible formats, engaging students academically where they are and how they operate as learners.

The Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center offers tutorial support in the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills needed to succeed in college courses at all levels. RWSSC tutors are graduate students and faculty, trained for work in critical analysis, writing, and study strategies.

University Regulations

Familiarize yourself with University Policies and Regulations and the Code of Student Conduct.