Portfolio Requirements


  • Note to faculty who are developing writing assignments: For details on the grading rubric for the WPE, please refer to the Elements of Writing Proficiency. For details on the requirements of course papers included in a WPE portfolio, refer to page 2 of the Portfolio Certification Form (see the links on right side of this page).

If you decide to meet the Writing Proficiency Requirement through a portfolio, you will be asked to create a writing portfolio consisting of two parts.

The first part of your portfolio consists of at least 15 pages of supporting course papers, showing your work as a writer over several different courses. You will need to plan ahead to complete this part of the portfolio, and we encourage you to assemble the supporting papers over several semesters.

The second part is a new essay (at least five (5) full pages long) answering a question about a set of readings provided by the Writing Proficiency Office.   

The 4 steps to building and submitting your portfolio are listed here, with important information about the requirements. Note that if you are a new transfer student, special conditions may apply.  Click here for more information.

Step 1:  Obtain certification forms; fill out one form for each of your supporting papers.

Step 2:  Register for the portfolio and write the new essay.

Step 3:  Complete the Portfolio Submission Form.

Step 4:  Submit the completed portfolio by the deadline in CC 1/1313.

For detailed information on the 4 steps to building and submitting your portfolio, click here.