UMass Boston provides a variety of tools to access and maintain your university email account and manage your password. Your UMass Boston email address is used by the university to notify you of important information and should be checked regularly.

For information on our Office 365 email service, see our UMass Boston Email FAQ.

Managing your password

Your UMass Boston password gives you access to numerous services, including email, WISER, Blackboard, blogs, wikis, and the university's Wifi networks. For this reason, we take many cautions to protect your password, and you should too. Do not share your password with anyone and do not fall for phishing scams. If criminals gain access to your email login credentials, it could cause you to lose access to needed services and create disruptions to the entire university. You can change your password by visiting the link below.

Important: To avoid account lockouts, change the password on your phone or other devices after changing your password. See Avoiding Account Lockouts below for details.
Do not include the in your username.

Once you have logged in to password self-service, please create a profile. (You will be asked to do this automatically the first time you use the system, but it's a good idea to change your questions occasionally.) This will enable you to use your security questions to reset your password even if you don't know what it is. If you do not create a profile for yourself, there may be a delay in changing your password. A brief guide to using this system and answers to some common questions can be found by reading the MyPassword documentation.

UMass Boston Email Password Requirements

Your password needs to follow some complexity rules (see below) but don't assume that is good enough! See our Tips for Better Passwords page and never share your password with anyone.

Following are the complexity rules you must follow when changing your UMass Boston password. Please note that meeting our complexity rules does not necessarily mean you have a good password. Please also use a good password checker (be sure to also click the "Dictionary attack check" button below the cracking time estimate!).

If you cannot log in to password self-service and have not created a profile, call the IT Service Desk at 617.287.5220 or visit us on the third floor of the Healey Library during our regular business hours. Please note that we do not process password requests by email.

For more information on protecting your confidential information, please see:

Avoiding Account Lockouts

Your account will be locked out for 30 minutes after five failed login attempts. To avoid this, make sure all your devices have your current password. That includes phones, laptops, tablets, home computers, and anything else that has your UMass Boston email account password stored in it. You may also need to change the login password for your computer and update your email and secure network login settings on your mobile device(s).

For mobile devices on Wi-Fi, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, go to the Wi-Fi settings area for your device and remove or "forget" any UMass Boston Wi-Fi networks you use and rejoin them with the new password. (You can often skip this step by restarting the device while in range of the UMass Boston Wi-Fi. The device will usually ask you to provide the new password.)

For mobile devices checking your email, go to the mail/calendar settings areas and select the account(s) checking your mail or calendar and type in the new password. Example: on an iPhone, start the Settings app and tap Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Then tap your UMass Boston Exchange account and tap the Account area at the top. Erase the line of dots after Password and type in your new password. 

For a UMass Boston Mac, restart your computer and login the first time with your old password. When the Mac prompts your to log in again, use the new password. This resets the user login. Next, to prevent keychain errors, go into Utilities > Keychain Access and choose Change Password under the Edit menu to reset your keychain password to the new password.

For a UMass Boston PC, restart and log in with your new password. Once startup is complete, go to the Windows (Start) menu and choose Computer. Check to make sure any mapped drives are working properly. If one is not working, you may need to remove it and re-map the drive share.