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Microsoft 365 Apps



Chat, meet, call, share files, and more with Microsoft Teams. Teams allows for your group to interact by discussion pages, share documents with one another, hold video conferencing meetings, and provides a OneDrive group file repository. Add on the apps you need like Office Online, forms, and many other applications.




OneDrive is an online file storage service that enables sharing and collaboration. It's free for students, faculty, and staff on campus. Think of it as a hard drive in the cloud, with features to “sync” your files to your computer, share files with others, and more. 




Microsoft Bookings lets your clients schedule time with you, without the back and forth of trying to coordinate a meeting time over email. You can set your available hours and link it to your Outlook calendar, and your clients will be able to select from only your available hours. Bookings allows for multiple meeting types and lengths, let’s you offer your colleague’s schedules too from the same page, works with zoom and other remote conferencing tools, and has automatic reminders for everyone. 



Office Online

Most of us are used to using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as software installed on our desktop computers. Office Online lets you use these three tools through the browser, rather than having to install software on your computer. Collaborate in real-time with others to work on documents together! 


To Do

Microsoft To Do is an online to do list that can be accessed from any device. To Do can create lists that include due dates, reminders, time slots, and can be shared with other users to collaborate and assign tasks. 




Microsoft Planner is a project management application with Office 365. Users and their teams can use Planner to create and assign tasks, discuss them and track the progress of what has been completed. While Microsoft To Do is better for lists of individual tasks, Microsoft Planner is better for larger projects with multiple related subtasks leading to a common goal. 




Microsoft Project is an advanced project management application. Plan the tasks that make up a project, and then view the tasks as a Gantt Chart, Grid view, Timeline, or Board views. Collaborate with others on your project by sharing edit access and assigning tasks and deadlines. 




Microsoft Forms is a web form builder to easily create polls, surveys, quizzes, and more. Unlike Google Forms, Microsoft Forms stores data in a FERPA compliant manner, and unlike Survey Monkey, Microsoft Forms is free for all on campus. 




Microsoft OneNote is an online note taking application. Notebooks can be created that can hold personalized sections, each with an unlimited number of pages, and can contain text, photos, sketches, and attachments. OneNote content can be viewed on any device. 




Microsoft Sway is a presentation creation app. Sway allows users to create interactive reports, stories, and presentations that can be shared between users for viewing or editing. Different than PowerPoint, Sway has a built in design engine that can help create professional formatting or style creation easily. 


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