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Microsoft Planner

Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you are working on, and get updates on progress. 
One of the most valuable aspects of Planner is that it helps teams organize their work visually. Each plan has its own Board, and within each Board, each work item or task is represented by a Card that can have due dates, attachments, categories, and conversations associated with it. Team members receive an email notification whenever they are assigned a new Card or added to a conversation. 

Use Planner to: 

  • Organize projects by creating a plan. 
  • Assign tasks and due dates. 
  • Keep track of both progress personal and group progress 
  • Interactive charts for visualizing people’s progress against deadlines. 
  • Click a red segment on the histogram to quickly see which aspects of a plan are behind schedule and use the Board to rebalance work across the team. 
  • Planner can be added to MS Teams 

How to Access Planner:

Log into your UMass Boston Microsoft 365 account to log into Planner. 

Get Started With Planner

View the following Youtube video: Microsoft Planner for Beginners Tutorial (18.32 min.)

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