About Our Students

The UMass Boston student body represents a rich array of ethnic backgrounds, life experiences, and shared commitment to achievement.

About 59% of undergraduates are first-generation college students, many of immigrant parents. In 2008, 502 UMass Boston students responded to the National Survey of Student Experience. Of those students:

  • 42% of freshmen were age 20 or older; 73% of seniors were age 24 or older.
  • 51% of freshmen and 36% of seniors indicated they were African American, Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Other, or multi-racial.
  • 51% of freshmen and 33% of seniors spoke a language other than English at home or with family.
  • 14% of freshmen and 15% of seniors were foreign nationals.
  • 32% of freshmen and 55% of seniors reported working more than 20 hours a week off campus.

State Street Scholars and the Dana Farber Research Collaboration are just two examples of partnerships linking employers to UMass Boston students.

Employers seek out UMass Boston students not simply because they are diverse, but because they are competent—and happen to be diverse. Sought after by employers in all sectors, UMass Boston graduates are prized for their ability to grapple with complex concepts and issues as well as their ability to thrive in multicultural settings.